Third Year of Asian Journal of Arthroscopy

Sachin Tapasvi, Parag Sancheti , Ashok K. Shyam

Volume 3 | Issue 2 | May – Aug 2018 | Page 1

Author: Sachin Tapasvi [1], Parag Sancheti [2] , Ashok K Shyam [2,3]

[2] Orthopaedic Speciality Clinic, Pune Mahatrahtra.
[1] Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics &Rehabilitation, Pune, India
[3] Indian Orthopaedic Research Group, Thane, India

Address of Correspondence
Dr Sachin Tapasvi
AJA Editorial Office, A-203, Manthan Apts, Shreesh CHS, Hajuri Road, Thane [w], Maharashtra, India.

Patellofemoral Instability Symposium

The editors and the editorial board are proud to announce that Asian Journal of Arthroscopy is in its third year now. Running a clinical Journal is not an easy task, specially when the all involved are active clinicians. With AJA in its third year, the seriousness of running an academic journal is upon us. We understand that the journal is now consolidated and further we just have to keep moving forward.
We are now looking at making some major changes in the Journal format. Till now the Journal was more of a review article Journal where complete issues were dedicated to symposia on single focussed topic. We plan to continue with the symposia’s in future too but a section on Original article, case reports and arthroscopic techniques will be added to the table of contents. We are specially inviting original articles as it will help us in getting better indexing faster.
Arthroscopic techniques section will have articles in a combined video and text part. The text will provide the background of the procedure and details of innovations in the technique and video will describe the entire procedure in details. These video articles will not only be on newer innovation but also from established standard procedures will also be invited to be published by experts. This will help the readers learn many individual nuances that are included in an arthroscopy procedure conducted by experts. This will be started from the upcoming issues.
Case reports are specially invited from the young Arthroscopy Surgeons who see a varied number of cases and presentation and also from the senior surgeons who see really complex cases. Arthroscopy as a science has developed a lot with contributions from single case reports which demonstrated unique challenges and forced surgeons to improvise or develop new techniques and technologies. A special section of Case reports will be kept in every issue of the Journal and if a video can be provided with the case report, it would have much better chance of being accepted
Lastly we are eager to hear from our readers and we invite them to contribute letters to editors to the journal. These letters can be related to articles in the journal or even can be a commentary on a new concept or idea. Questions to editorial board in terms of management of difficult cases are also invited.
As the journal evolves over a period of time, many more new features will be added to it. Feedback from our readers is essential and we request you to write your comments to us

How to Cite this article: Tapasvi S, Sancheti PK, Shyam AK. Third year of Asian Journal of Arthroscopy Asian Journal of Arthroscopy May-Aug 2018;3(2):1.

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