Volume 6 | Issue 1 | January-June 2021

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Rotator Cuff Tears: An Everlasting Enigma

Anshu Shekhar, Nilesh Kamat, Sachin Tapasvi

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(DOI: 10.13107/aja.2021.v06i01.016)

Original Article

Functional Outcome in Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction with Immediate Full Weight Bearing Mobilization- Retrospective Study

Vijayamohan, Shyam Gopal V, Mohana Chandran, Aleena Antony

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(DOI: 10.13107/aja.2021.v06i01.017)

Acromial Index in Indian Population and it’s Significance on Rotator Cuff Tears

Sharat Balemane, Kaushik Eswaran, Nishanth Shetty

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(DOI: 10.13107/aja.2021.v06i01.018)

Review Article

Evolving concepts in the rotator cuff footprint

Ajinkya Achalare, Nilesh Kamat, M.P. Ramraju Mudunuri

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(DOI: 10.13107/aja.2021.v06i01.019)

Spectrum of Imaging Findings In Rotator Cuff Tears – A Descriptive Review

Anupama Patil, Joban Babhulkar, Pranav Mahadeokar

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(DOI: 10.13107/aja.2021.v06i01.020)

Diagnostic Clinical Tests in Rotator Cuff Tear: Which and Why?

Vivek Pandey

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(DOI: 10.13107/aja.2021.v06i01.021)

Classification Systems in Rotator Cuff Tears

Ram Chidambaram, Reet Mukhopadhyay

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(DOI: 10.13107/aja.2021.v06i01.022)

Natural History of Rotator Cuff Tears

W. Jaap Willems

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(DOI: 10.13107/aja.2021.v06i01.023)

Role And Outcomes of Conservative Treatment in Management of Rotator Cuff Tears: A Systematic Review of Randomised Controlled Trials

Andrew Arjun Sayampanathan, Marcus Wei Ping Tan, Denny Tjiauw Tjoen Lie

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(DOI: 10.13107/aja.2021.v06i01.024)

Should We be Routinely Performing Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression During Rotator Cuff Repair (RCR)?

Sachin Kumar, Rajiv Gogna, Daniel Morris, Amol Tambe

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(DOI: 10.13107/aja.2021.v06i01.025)

AJA January-June 2021

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