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I P S Oberoi, Abhishek Chaudhary, D S Solanki, Satvir Singh

Volume 4 | Issue 2 | May – Dec 2019 |

Author: I P S Oberoi [1],  Abhishek Chaudhary [1], D S Solanki [1], Satvir Singh [1]

[1] Department of orthopedics, Artemis hospital,
Gurgaon (Haryana) India 122022.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. IPS Oberoi,
Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon (Haryana) India,


Background: The incidence of articular cartilage injuries in ACL injury and chronic meniscal tear are very high (16-46%) . So there is need of more studies to see the role of visco-supplementation in such cases to improve the outcome of the procedure. The purpose of this study was to review the literature on the effects and safety of visco-supplementation when used after knee joint arthroscopy procedure.
Methods: A systematic review of literature on role of visco-supplementation after arthroscopy procedure was performed using Medline (2000- 2019), PubMed (2000-2019), U.S national library of medicine.
Results: Most of the studies done are of level 1 evidence. But, most of the studies are showing positive results when visco-supplementation after arthroscopy procedure in terms of decrease in pain in the initial phase, enables faster patient recovery and generates a faster return and better quality to the activities of daily living.
Conclusion: Current literature supports immediate use of visco-supplementation after arthroscopic procedure. However more studies are necessary to support the use of visco-supplementation beyond OA. We recommend the use of visco-supplementation post ACL and meniscal reconstruction procedure where there is significant articular damage. It should be used in the cases of meniscectomy where there is persistent pain after surgery.
Keywords: Viscosupplementation, Arthroscopy, Knee.

How to Cite this article: Oberoi IPS, Chaudhary A, Solanki D S, Singh S.| Visco-Supplementation Post Knee
Arthroscopy| Journal of Arthroscopy | May-Dec 2019; 4(2): .


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