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Volume 6 | Issue 1 | January-June 2021 | Page 15-23 | Anupama Patil, Joban Babhulkar, Pranav Mahadeokar

Author: Anupama Patil [1], Joban Babhulkar [1], Pranav Mahadeokar [1]

[1] Star Imaging & Research Centre , Pune , India.

Address of Correspondence:
Dr. Anupama Patil,
Star Imaging & Research Centre , Pune , India
E-mail: anupama.patil2003@gmail.com


The rotator cuff is instrumental in movements of the shoulder, while at the same time producing balanced compressive forces to stabilise the glenohumeral joint (dynamic stabiliser) Cuff tears are usually diagnosed clinically but before a decision regarding surgery is taken, some form of cross-sectional imaging, USG and/or MRI, is a must. This descriptive review is an attempt to highlight key concepts from the existing literature, along with our experience to image these injuries and assist the clinicians to formulate protocols in the day to day management of
rotator cuff pathologies.
Keywords: Rotator cuff injuries; Cuff tears ; Cuff arthropathy; Post operative imaging.


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How to Cite this article: Patil A, Babhulkar J, Mahadeokar P| Spectrum of Imaging Findings In Rotator Cuff Tears – A Descriptive Review | Asian Journal of Arthroscopy | January- June 2021; 6(1): 15-23.

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