Asian Journal of Arthroscopy

Volume 1 | Issue 1 | Apr-June 2016

ISSN 2456–1169


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Asian Journal of Arthroscopy – Insights

Dr. Sachin Tapasvi, Dr. Parag Sancheti, Dr. Ashok K Shyam

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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2456–1169.101)

ACL treatment in 2016 – Controversy and Consensus

Dr. Renato Andrade, Dr. Hélder Pereira, Prof. Dr. Joao Espreguira-Mendes

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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2456–1169.102)


Bone patella tendon bone vs Hamstring – is there a winner Yet?

Dr Sachin Tapasvi, Dr. Sachin Jain, Dr. Ashok Shyam

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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2456–1169.104)

Synthetic Grafts in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction’

Dr. Jonathan Herald, Dr. Sagar Kakatkar

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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2456–1169.106)

Biology of Graft Incorporation

Dr. Elmar Herbst, Dr. Marcio Albers, Dr. Michaela Kopka, Dr. Humza Shaikh, Prof. Frieddi Fu

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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2456–1169.107)

Biologics in Primary Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Dr. Vijay D Shetty , Dr. Karan Alva, Dr. Varun Gupta

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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2456–1169.108)

Future Trends in Grafts used for ACL Reconstruction

Dr. S R Sundararajan, Dr. Balaji Sambandam, Dr. S Rajasekaran

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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2456–1169.109)

Intraoperative Graft Contamination – What Options we have?

Dr. Parag Sancheti, Dr. Sachin Jain, Dr. Ashok Shyam

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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2456–1169.112)

Original Articles

Arthroscopic Biopsy and MRI Diagnosis in Monoarticular Joint Synovitis of Undifferentiated Origin – A retrospective study in 34 cases

Dr. Sundararajan S R, Dr. Sachin Jain, Dr. S Rajasekaran

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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2456–1169.114)

Arthroscopic reduction and Internal fixation (ARIF) using Parapatellar Approach – A modality for treating fracture Tibial eminence with Meyers and Mckeever type III ACL injuries

Dr. Vikram V. Kadu, Dr. K. A. Saindane, Dr. Ninad Goghate, Dr. Neha N Godghate

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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2456–1169.116)