Imaging for Cartilage injuries

Anupama Patil, Aniket Jadhav

Volume 4 | Issue 1 | Jan – April 2019 | Page 4-8

Author: Anupama Patil[1], Aniket Jadhav[1]

STAR imaging and research centre, Joshi Hospital Campus Opposite Kamla Nehru Park, Erandwane, Pune, Maharashtra.

Address of Correspondence
Dr Anupama Patil
STAR imaging and research centre, Joshi Hospital Campus Opposite Kamla Nehru Park, Erandwane, Pune, Maharashtra 411004


Chondral injuries can occur in an isolated manner or, more commonly, in association with osseous or soft tissue injuries. Accurate pre-knowledge of the chondral injury and associated injuries help the orthopedic surgeon in planning appropriate treatment procedures. Advances in various treatment techniques for chondral defects places paramount importance on the identification, and quantification of these injuries. Through this article, we present a review of literature regarding Magnetic resonance imaging assessment of chondral injuries, also addressing the scan parameters used, advances in imaging for cartilage, role of Magnetic resonance imaging in postoperative follow-up, comparison of accuracy of Magnetic resonance imaging with arthroscopy as well as the roles of ultrasonography and computed tomography in evaluation of articular cartilage.
Magnetic resonance imaging has an indispensable role in the pre-arthroscopic work-up and post-arthroscopic follow-up of chondral injuries. It gives an accurate knowledge of chondral defects/ injuries, staging of lesions, evaluating subchondral bone, assessing adjacent cartilage, identifying loose bodies in remote recesses likely to be missed on arthroscopy, and identifying another ligament/meniscal tears. It is also useful in assessing the donor and recipient sites in
The post-arthroscopic workup following cartilage repair. Ultrasound arthroscopy is a new quantitative intra-operative imaging modality, still not widely used. Computed tomography doesn’t image the cartilage directly but plays an important ancillary role in the evaluation of subchondral bone and identification of location and size of loose bodies.


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