Volume 5 | Issue 1 | Jan – April 2020

ISSN 2456-1169

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Multi Ligament Knee Instability: How to swim in choppy waters?

Sachin Tapasvi, Anshu Shekhar
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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2020.v05i01.001)

Review Article

Assessment and decision making in acute knee dislocation

Dustin L. Richter, Heidi Smith, Marisa Su, Gehron P. Treme, Daniel C. Wascher, Robert C. Schenck
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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2020.v05i01.002)

Management of  Multiligament knee injuries (mlki’s) with concomitant fractures and neurovascular injuries- A descriptive review

S R Sundararajan, Terrance D’souza, Ramakanth Rajagopal, S Rajasekaran
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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2020.v05i01.003)

Primary repair in acute multiligament knee injury

Anshu Shekhar, Siddharth Reddy, Sachin Tapasvi
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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2020.v05i01.004)

PCL reconstruction in multi-ligament injured knees: State of the art

Anna Kropelnicki, Brett A Fritsch
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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2020.v05i01.005)

Posterolateral corner reconstruction in the multiligament injured knee: State of the Art

Yuen Wen Loong Paul, Lee Yee Han Dave
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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2020.v05i01.006)

Management of the medial collateral ligament in the combined ligament injured knee

Kyle Borque, Mary Jones, Andy Williams
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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2020.v05i01.007)

Role of osteotomy in multiligament knee instability

Anshu Shekhar, Anoop Pilar, Sachin Tapasvi
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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2020.v05i01.008)

Functional outcomes following multiligament knee reconstrcution

Nagraj Shetty

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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2020.v05i01.009)

Complications of multiple ligament knee injury surgery: Prevention and Salvage

Dinshaw N. Pardiwala, Kushalappa Subbiah, Nandan Rao, Vicky Jain
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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2020.v05i01.010)

Considerations in the management of knee dislocations in the limited resource setting (KD-LRS)

Dustin L. Richter, Michael MFG Held, Maritz Laubscher, Richard B von Bormann, David North, Sachin Tapasvi, Anshu Shekhar, Daniel C. Wascher, Robert C Schenck
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(doi: 10.13107/aja.2020.v05i01.011)